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My name is Jose Zambrano

I am...
31 year-old wayfarer
experience seeker
adventure hunter
...I am
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Connecting the WORLD through coffee for our highest GOOD.
We are more ALIKE than we've been told to believe.. on the outside we may seem a little different, we probably speak foreign languages, originate from distinct parts of the world, practice unique cultural traditions, carryout individual religious rituals, we most likely even indulge in custom food and beverages.. but on the INSIDE we are not so different. Additionally, we all share a common denominator: COFFEE. it is estimated that about half of the world's population consumes COFFEE.. and if you're one of the few that doesn't indulge, you most likely know someone that does!
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my philosophy

Coffee is a worldwide commodity, a beverage that UNITES this planet, a beverage that is shared across borders, customs, religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, and distinct ways of life. Coffee it is an experience that brings individuals together, gets us through the day, wakes us up, creates PRESENCE, puts us to work, brings about memories, relaxes us, allows us to feel good, and makes us HAPPY!

If coffee changes our DAY, our relationships, our digestion, our mood, our FEELINGS, our perspective on life, our productivity, our present moment.. Then I will use coffee to change the WORLD!

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Through coffee I seek to empower individuals to become their most genuine selves
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